48hours Council applications are no longer open.


48hours Council applications are no longer open.



What is the 48hours Council?

Formerly known as Point Guards, the 48hours Council is a 15-member supervisory group made up of students in their sophomore year, which meets weekly for both semesters of the academic school year. The Council works closely with FYE staff in the designing, publicizing, and operating of the 48hours program.

In addition to attending weekly meetings, Council members are also responsible for strategizing and organizing a series of outreach efforts to promote the 48hours program to the members of the first year class. This facet of the position requires council members to act in a consulting role, along with FYE staff, and relies on marketing, field organizing, and advertising skills.

Lastly, each 48hours Council member will participate in one 48hours retreat weekend in the role formerly known as Point Guard. Their role assists in making sure the program runs smoothly, from organizing the bus trip on Friday evening to taking the group picture on Sunday morning. They work with the directors of the program to anticipate all logistical needs and help maintain morale and enthusiasm throughout the weekend.


What do I need to become a 48hours Council member?

Council members must be in their sophomore year.

Council members must have a great attitude—positive, enthusiastic, cooperative, and willing to work very hard.

Council members are not required to have participated in the 48hours program during their first year in order to apply for this role.

Please click the Apply button to begin your application for the 48hours Council position. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Office of First Year Experience at 617-552-3281 or 48hours@bc.edu.