Below are programs offered by The Division of Mission and Ministry.

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Available Programs

48hours48hoursRetreat02-JUN-19 09:00 AM14-FEB-20 09:15 AM
48hours Leaders48hours LeadersRetreat12-AUG-19 12:01 AM29-AUG-19 12:15 AM
4Boston4BostonService Program12-AUG-19 09:00 AM09-SEP-19 05:00 AM
CIS Lecture IIgnatius the Franciscan: The Franciscan Roots of Jesuit SpiritualitySpiritual Development--
CLCCLC (Christian Life Community)Spiritual Development--
CLC Leaders RetreatCLC Leaders' Retreat 2019Retreat-08-SEP-19 11:59 PM
Civil Rights MagisMagis Civil Rights Immersion TripService Trip--
Compass ParticipantsCompass ParticipantsDevelopment Program17-JUN-19 09:00 AM25-AUG-19 11:59 PM
Eagle VolunteersEagle VolunteersService Program-31-MAY-20 11:59 PM
First Year Service ProgramFirst Year Service Program Service Program-31-MAY-20 10:28 AM
Freshmen League CaptainsFreshmen League CaptainsDevelopment Program--
HalftimeHalftime Retreat09-APR-19 05:00 PM01-MAY-20 11:59 PM
IgniteIgnite Retreat for First Year StudentsRetreat-19-FEB-20 12:01 PM
Interfaith RetreatInterfaith RetreatRetreat-22-OCT-19 12:01 PM
Kairos LotteryKairos LotteryRetreat03-JUN-19 09:00 AM30-APR-20 11:59 PM
Lenten RetreatLenten Mini RetreatRetreat-03-APR-20 12:01 PM
ManresaManresa Silent RetreatRetreat-05-DEC-19 12:01 PM
Monastic RetreatMonastic RetreatRetreat-21-FEB-20 05:00 PM
Prayers at the CenterPrayers at the Center (Advent)Prayer-19-DEC-19 12:00 PM
Sophia Women's RetreatSophia Women's RetreatRetreat-06-OCT-19 11:59 PM
StrideStride Leadership ProgramDevelopment Program09-APR-19 05:00 PM01-SEP-19 11:59 PM
Study by the Sea FallStudy By the Sea FallRetreat-08-DEC-19 11:59 PM
Study by the Sea SpringStudy By the Sea SpringRetreat-30-APR-20 12:01 PM