Kairos Lottery

Before entering your name to the lottery system, please read the  following:

What is Kairos?

Kairos is a weekend-long retreat from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening that invites students to consider what it means to live in "God's time." It invites students to closely examine their relationships with God, themselves, and others. Kairos is a Catholic and Ignatian retreat but welcomes students of any or no religious traditions. The retreat is sponsored by the Office of Campus Ministry at Boston College.

Who is eligible to attend Kairos?

All BC Undergraduate students are eligible, except for those who have already been on Kairos or a similar retreat (Emmaus, Encounter, XLI, Search, etc). If you aren't sure if you have attended, please email kairos@bc.edu prior to entering your name in the Lottery.

Is there a fee to attend?

Yes, but you don't need to worry about it until you are called. Kairos costs $100 which covers lodging, transportation, food, and materials. If you have concerns about the fee, contact Marissa Papula, Campus Minister for Kairos, at marissa.papula@bc.edu. Campus Ministry is committed to ensuring that financial difficulty does not prevent any student from attending Kairos.

How do I sign up?

Click the button at the top of this text and fill out all information on the form. You only need to sign up once throughout your time at BC. You can email kairos@bc.edu at any time to confirm your presence in the lottery or to remove your name from the pool.

How are students selected to attend?

Retreatants are randomly selected for each retreat with upperclassmen prioritized for the fall semester. If your name is selected, you will receive an email that will require a timely response to confirm your attendance. If you are unable to attend, your name will be returned to the lottery.

Email kairos@bc.edu or speak to Marissa Papula, Campus Minister for Kairos in McElroy 215B with any questions.